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Many incredible new ideas were discussed that will bring improvements and excitement to the park over the next few months. New trails, improved areas, and relocation of some things will offer new and exciting challenges to our guests when we open in the spring. One of the most commonly requested improvements that will be implemented will be the new and improved Signage throughout the park. This will help identify trails better and guide you around the park with less confusion.

You will see some new Safety Rules that will take effect this spring. These rules will promote safety, help improve the relations with our neighbors, and assure that we will be able to operate within the means of our permit.

Some of the new safety rules include:

*The requirement of mufflers and sound testing on all motorized vehicles that enter the park  will be at random. 96db is the State of Michigan's Requirement, and ours too.

*Proper recovery points will be highly encouraged on all vehicles, quads, side by sides, and rigs.

*Logging and Tow Chains will no longer be allowed in the park as Recovery Equipment.

*Recovery Tow Straps with Metal Hooks will no longer be allowed in the park.

*Tree Savers will be required when winching off trees within the park.

*The Speed Limit of 15MPH being strictly enforced on service rds

 Look for more exciting information in the upcoming weeks on the web site.


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