Michigan offroading-Bundy Hill Off Road - Jerome, MI - ATV/ORV Riding Trails

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Entranced fee:
Drivers $20.
Passengers: $5
Two day driver pass $30.
10 visit punch pass $150.
Safety whips: single pc 7' $20.
Silver lake approved 2 pc $35.
Vehicle brackets $10
Camping $15 per site first night each additional night $10
Holiday weekends $20 nightly
ATV Rentals $40 per hour ($500.deposit) 2 hour minimum.

For a quick glance of the area, check out our TRAIL MAP

Adult Waiver (HTML)
Adult Waiver (Adobe PDF)

Minor Waiver (Adobe PDF)


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Bundy Hill Offroad Park Rules

With great regret our insurance carrier mandates that we not allow 3 wheeler to be driven in the park.

The following rules are to be acknowledged and respected by everyone who enters Bundy Hill Off Road Park! By signing a release & waiver of liability, you understand and have agreed to all rules!

*No one under the age of 18 is allowed to check in without a signed and/or a notarized consent form, waiver and medical information form a legal parent or legal guardian. You cannot check in someone else's child, this also applies to stepparents, the appropriate  completed form. They are available at Bundy Hill's registration office and on our Website.

1. No alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, or weapons are allowed on Bundy Hill property. No person may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Coolers will be checked prior to entering the park.

2. All participants must check-in at the registration office, (driver/rider/passenger) and must fill out a current waiver and present a Valid I.D. with your Yellow Member Card.

3. Passengers may take turn driving as long as guest who purchased the driver wrist bank remains in the vehicle. There must someone in the vehicle with a driver band on.

3. All minors, (driver/rider/passengers) under the age of 18, when not  accompanied by a parent, must bring signed and notarized minor waiver form with them. Minors (with ID) of the age of 14 and 15 will be allowed to operate ATV’s, Dirt Bike’s & UTVs in the park without a parent present if they have an O.R.V. Safety Certificate. Any child under 14 must have visual supervision.

4. Helmets must be worn at all times when operating an ATV/dirt bike or UTV's without a roll bar. *Children under 16 years of age must wear Helmets in a Side by Sides (UTV).  This includes roads to and from the gate and parking area. Everyone is required to wear a shirt, appropriate outerwear, eye protection and enclosed foot wear.

5. No double riding on vehicles' with manufactures warnings prohibiting more than one rider. Seat belts must be worn in Side by Side's and 4x4's. *A roof or roll bar is required or a helmet must be worn.

6. Please control your Vehicle! Speed limit for everyone is 15 mph in the parking areas and on all main and two way roads.

7. Parking lot is for parking. No tricks or horse play. Please do not cause commotion or damage to other vehicles. You will be held responsible!

8. No blind jumping. Hills may not have a back side. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

9. Travel only where motorized vehicles are permitted. Be considerate of our park and DO NOT CUT NEW TRAILS. Ride in the farmers' fields you will be trespassing and may be prosecuted by the field owner.

10. Warning! Avoid Crossing lakes, swamp and mud areas, they may be bottomless.

11. No disorderly conduct; no littering; This includes the parking lot as well as the trails. PLEASE RECYCLE ALL PLASTIC CONTAINERS, CARDBOARD & GLASS

12. All SUV/4X4's must have at least one tow point (example: tow hook or receiver hitch). Front and rear tow points are mandatory for the black and red trails, along with a winch and lockers. Never attach a strap or cable to hitch ball, suspension or steering components on other vehicle. Chains are never allowed for pulling.

13. All trail capable vehicles must have a flag. All ORVs must have the following proper rollover protection (i.e. roll bar, roof) battery tie down, seatbelts for everyone in the vehicle, tow point, trash bag for liquid spills, Safety whip with flag and wristbands. We suggest that with all street legal ORV's/4x4's, follow your State’s requirements for registration and insurance.

If caught your member card will be taken, you will be suspended from future visits to Bundy Hill Offroad.   Participants that disregard the rules of Bundy Hill Offroad or pose a safety threat to others will, at a minimum, be ejected from the Park without a refund.   Bundy Hill's staff, if able, will do their best to offer assistance, but are not required nor should be expected to recover, repair or escort non-emergencies out of the park. VEHICLES OR MACHINES NOT THRU THE GATE AT CLOSING WILL BE CHARGED $20. PER HALF HOUR.  Private companies not related to Bundy Hill may be available for vehicle recovery and towing.  There is a fee of $50 for recovery with our Front-end Loader.

94db Noise Policy

As a part of our newly acquired operating permit, we are required to test all vehicles entering the park for noise level. We have adopted the DNRE's noise level limit (96db) and testing procedure. All vehicles entering through the gate will be subject to random noise testing. Those vehicles that do not comply will NOT be allowed into the park. If you are not sure about the noise level of your vehicle, please make sure that it is checked before proceeding to the office to register to prevent any problems. Examples that may not pass sound testing are:

  • Dirt bikes/Quads/SidexSides equipped with aftermarket pipes
  • Dirt bikes/Quads/Side X Sides equipped with aftermarket pipes which have had packing/core removed
  • Dirt bikes/Quads/Side X Sides with factory exhaust which has had end cap/packing/core removed
  • Vehicles with open headers or straight pipe

Please make sure that your vehicle complies before visiting the park or you may be turned away. This policy will be strictly enforced because it is a condition of our operating permit and we must comply in order to stay open. Thanks for your cooperation.

Copyright 2010 Bundy Hill Recreation LLC