KOH Classes & Rules ’19

Stock Class

  • No tire larger than 35’’
  • Mostly stock frame
  • No rebuild able shocks but not limited to:
    • Bypass shocks, coil over shocks, air shocks
  • No motor swaps- unless it was a factory option
  • Factory suspension
    • No linked suspension where leaf springs were once present.
    • No custom suspension
  • Factory seat belt allowed but we strongly suggest a 5 point harness
  • One fire extinguisher on board
  • Must be 4 wheel drive
  • Battery must be held down. No Bungee cord and or ratchet strapes
  • No axle swap unless it’s a factory option

Side X Side Class

  • Must have roll cage. At least a factory cage but an aftermarket cage is strongly recommended.
  • Aftermarket seat belt is recommended but factory seat belt is allowed.
  • Must have a fire extinguisher

Modified Class

  • Must have started as an OEM Vehicle
  • 1 rebuild-able shock per corner. Dual mono tube shocks allowed
  • Rig must be 50% factory frame
  • No Buggy’s
  • 4pt basic roll cage or more highly recommended
  • Roof intact if you do not have a cage
  • Bundy Hill has the rights to determine of your rig is unsafe.
  • Aftermarket seat belt is recommended but factory seat belt is allowed.
  • Must have a fire extinguisher on rig

Open Class

  • Any vehicle with the exception of Side by Sides.
  • Must have a safe chassis
  • 4pt or more harnesses is a must
  • 1 Fire extinguisher on board

King of the Hill 2019 Rules

This is a timed event with four classes. We will place out the top 3. The gold winner from our Open, Mod and Stock will have the chance to compete to be crowned King of the Hill Champion (Crowd Pleaser) and win $500!

  • Registration will be September 14th from 4pm to 8pm and September 15th 9am-10:30pm
  • Rig fee is $40 each class and each team will consist of maximum two people per rig.
  • Your rig fee MUST be paid in full before the race. We will accept cash and card.
  • You must have the following on your registration
    • Team/Rig Name
    • Class are as followed and will run in order:
      • Stock, SxS, Mod, and Open
    • Name of driver and spotter and drivers phone number and email
    • If you are running more than 1 class you must have a different registration for each class
  • Teams can WALK the course between 9am- 11am
  • Drivers MUST attend the drivers meeting at noon and racing to follow
  • Helmets, long pants, boots, and eye protection MUST be worn by the driver and spotter. Removing safety equipment will result in a disqualification if not put back on properly before racing.
  • Rigs must have proper tow points, a fire extinguisher, safety belts and proper safe cage to participate. We also suggest having a winch.
  • Winch weights and gloves must be worn when winching.
  • Rigs can use the following fuel sources: Pump gas, racing fuel, propane, and nitrous.
  • There will be an air horn at the start and end of your run.
  • You may address the time master with any challenges but the time master will have the finally say and will record time finally time.
  • Field judges and time master will be monitoring the event. At any time they feel your rig is unsafe they can stop the run.
  • The vehicle must stay within the boundaries of the course. If more than half our rig goes out there will be a 20 second deduction.
  • Field judges will report deductions to the time master at the end of each run.
  • A 10 seconds will be deducted for:
    • Going out of bounds or breaking the type
    • Running/knocking over cones
  • The rig on deck needs to be ready when called. If you are not you will be moved to the back and docked 10seconds.
  • Questions about the rules need to be asked during the drivers meeting. No rules will be changed after the first car leaves the starting line.
  • The spotter needs to be in the rig, buckled up and you must start and finish with your spotter.
  • Each team will run the course one time. No second runs.
  • If no teams finish the course we will also record distance. The person who goes the farthest will win.
  • In the event of equipment failure the team has 2 minutes to fix it or they will receive a DNF.
  • Each team can throw in a red towel at any time they feel they cannot complete their run. Their distance will be recorded for their score.
  • In case of a tie we will pick one leg of the course and the fastest time will win. To determine who goes first we will do a coin toss.
  • Any confrontational foul language and/or threats towards any competitor or official will result in the disqualification of that team and immediate ejection from the park
  • Any one playing Patsy Cline Music will be disqualified from the cash payment immediately.