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We have everything from mild to wild. Our terrain is diverse with everything "from mud, steep hill climbs, wooded trails and everything in between. Bring your off-road vehicle and we will have the perfect place for you to play. Please be advised, that 3 Wheeled ATV's are not allowed in the park at this time, DUE TO AN INSURANCE POLICY EXCLUSION.

The trails at Bundy Hill Offroad are rated Green, Blue, Black and Red:

Green: Trail surface consisting of loose rock, dirt, and sand with some slick surfaces.    Erosion washes, gulches and rock steps no higher then 12" may be present. 4WDS is recommended with good ground clearance and driving skills. Aggressive tires and limited slipping would be a plus. Water and mud is possible. 


Blue: Trail surfaces are rutted, rocky and sandy with steps no exceeding 14" with considerable slick rock surfaces and are difficult with considerable erosion damage but passable. water not exceeding 14" with mud possible. Good vehicle approach and departure angles are helpful. Tall tires (32" Plus) and traction added device (lockers,  limited slips) is recommended. Above averages driving skills are recommended.


Black: Trail consists of rock, tree, sand and considerable slick rock with many steps exceeding 24". off camber inclines are prevalent. Enhanced off- road equipment is required including locking devices (front & rear), tall tires, maximum vehicle ground clearance, and tow points. A winch is desirable. Excellent driving skills are required. Vehicle, mechanical. equipment. or body damage is likely. Roll over possibilities exist.


Red: Let the carnage begin! Buggy territory. Street driven 4x4's should not attempt this trail. Modified factory vehicles will not be able to complete this trail.  Tow points are a must. Excellent driving skills are required. Roll over is very common. Winches, spare parts and tools are recommended.

Yes, FLAGS are required for open wheeling, at least 8 feet off the ground. We do have them for sale here that include the hardware, whip and flag starting at $20. We also have brackets for sale starting at $10.

New this year!!!!

This year look for our exiting new QR Coded signs at the trail heads that show a video of the trail.


Bundy Hill Offroad's All Terrain Adventure Trails, And Map Downloads.