What are your Winter Hours?Generally Bundy Hill Offroad is open the second weekend of the months December, January, and February.  Exact days will be posted on Facebook and our website.

What are your regular season hours?​  We are open Wednesday thru Sunday 9AM until 8PM but gates close to incoming guests at 7pm.  We resume our regular wheeling schedule the second week in March, usually around St. Patrick’s Day

Do I need picture I.D. to enter the park?​  Yes, anyone over the age of 15 should have picture I.D.  If this is an issue please call before coming.

What if I want to bring a child that is not mine?If you are bringing a child under the age of 18, a WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY CONSENT AGREEMENT must be signed by the child’s legal guardian in front of a public notary (notarized). This must be present with child at time of check in.  You can find this form on our website.

If I check in as a passenger/spectator, can I drive my friend’s vehicle?​  Yes.  The person issued the driver band for that vehicle must be in it with you.

Do you take credit cards?​  Yes, we take all credit cards and bank cards with Visa and MasterCard logos. There is a 3.99% convenience fee for using them.

What are the rules?​  Please refer to the rules tab on our website.

Do all vehicles have to have safety whips (flag) mounted on them?​  Yes, minimum height is 8ft from the ground once it's mounted

Do you sell safety whips?​  Yes, they range in price from $20 to $38.  We carry 7ft one­ piece whips and 9ft two piece Silver Lake approved whips.  All available in multiple colors

Do I need a spark arrestor for my motorcycle?​  Yes, some newer model have the new baffling instead.

Do I need an ORV Sticker?No, we are private property and don’t require one.

What kinds of vehicles are allowed in the park?​  We welcome ATVs, ORVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, 4X4 ORV's Sand rails, buggies, or any vehicle that is trail capable except​ 3 WHEEL ATV’S

Can we bring a grill to cook out?​  Yes, many people grill in our picnic area and parking areas as well as the Campground.

Do you have a food vendor on­site?Yes, most of the season, but if not, there is a restaurant right next to the office.

Do you have camping?​  Yes, refer to the camping link on the home page.

Are RV’s allowed and is there a size limit?  Yes RV’s are allowed but are limited to 30 feet and under.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed in your park?  No, absolutely no alcoholic beverages in the park during regular operating​ hours. WE CHECK COOLERS AT THE GATE​.

Are pets welcome?Yes, but they must be kept on a leash when not in a vehicle.

Do I need to wear a helmet? If you are in a vehicle or on a seat without a roll bar, roof, and seat belts then YES you need to wear a helmet. You're now required to wear a helmet in UTV's.


Do you sell season passes? Yes!  Please refer to the website.


How much is it going to cost me if I get stuck and have to be pulled out by heavy equipment? ​$50  To avoid this charge come prepared with tow straps and/or a winch.

Do you have rentals?  ​Yes we do,­ 2 hour minimum for $200 then $50 for each additional hour thereafter.

Is there a deposit on the rental units?  ​Yes, range is $1000 will be per-authorized using a major credit card. Debit Cards not Cash will not be accepted for rental deposits.


What happens to my deposit if I damage my rental unit?  ​Deposit is applied to any damages plus labor ­ any damages exceeding deposit will be renters responsibility.